Thursday, 21 December 2017


Zechariah 8;12 “The seed will grow well, the vine will yield it fruit, the ground will produce its crops, and the heavens will drop their dew. I will give all these things as an inheritance to the remnant of this people.” 

NOW WORD: My promise to you will not fail. The covenant I have made with you will come to pass. The good work that I have begun in you, I will bring it to pass. You are the apple of My eye and you are My chosen vessel. I have called you out darkness into My marvelous light and I will cause My face to shine on you. Heaven and earth may pass away, but My Word will never fail. Rest in Me. Draw near to me and I will draw near to you and I will direct your steps and cause your ways to prosper. Seek Me while there is time and wait on Me and I will lead you by gentle streams and rushing waters. I will make My face shine on you and I will give you peace. I will give to the righteous the desires of their heart, and You are made righteous in Me.’

Our prayer for you is: Father God we bless Your Holy Name. Lord God, I bring Your child to You today and I ask You to touch them and hold them close to Your side. Lord God, I thank You that no weapon that is formed against them will prosper, and no tongue that is raised against them will stand. I pray that Your child will stand secure in You. You Lord God are our Rock and You are our fortress. I call on You now to keep Your child in perfect peace and protect them from the schemes of the evil one. I pray that no harm will come to them or to their family and no loss will come to their asset base. Thank You Father God that their life will produce a good reward and they will prosper in all they do. I speak life and blessing to the works of their hands in Jesus Name, amen

Please pray this over yourself: Thank You Lord God for Your Word. I thank You Father God, that You will bless me and cause me to prosper according to the promise You have made. Your promise to me. I thank You that my winter is past and the season of new growth and blessing is now on me. I thank You that Your Word says that You will give these things as an inheritance to the remnant of this people, and I stand by faith as a branch on Your vine. Thank You Father God, that You will cause new growth to come to my life and I choose to honor You with the fruit of my life. I bless You Lord God and thank You that You have chosen me and You will bring Your promises to pass in me and through me. Amen

8:12 평강의 씨앗을 얻을 것이라 포도나무가 열매를 맺으며 땅이 산물을 내며 하늘은 이슬을 내리리니 내가 남은 백성으로 모든 것을 누리게 하리라 

지금 주시는 말씀: 너를 향한 약속은 실패치 않으며, 너와 맺은 언약이 반드시 이루어지리라. 내가 안에서 시작한 선한 일을 이루리라. 너는 내게 가장 소중한 자이며 내가 택한 그릇이라. 내가 어두움에서 너를 기이한 빛으로 불러내었으며 얼굴빛으로 내게 비추리라. 하늘과 땅은 없어질지라도 말은 없어지지 아니하리라. 안에서 안식하라. 내게 가까이 나아오라. 그러면 나도 너를 가까이 하며 내가 너의 발걸음을 인도하고 길로 형통하게 하리라. 시간이 있을 때에 나를 찾으며 나를 기다리라. 그러면 내가 잔잔한 시냇가와 요동치는 가운데 너를 인도하리라. 내가 얼굴을 네게 비출 것이며, 평안을 네게 주리라. 내가 의로운 자가 원하는 갈망을 것이니, 또한 안에서 의로워지리라

당신을 향한 나의 기도: 아버지 하나님, 우리가 주의 거룩한 이름을 송축합니다. 하나님, 오늘 주의 자녀를 주께 드리오니 오셔서 만지시고 주님 곁으로 그들을 붙잡아 주십시오. 하나님, 어떤 무기도 그들을 대적하여 제조되지 않으며, 어떤 혀도 일어나 그들을 대적하지 않게 하심을 감사합니다. 기도하오니 주의 자녀가 주님 안에서 안전하게 있도록 하십시오. 하나님께서 우리의 반석이시며 우리의 강한 산성이십니다. 이제 주께 구하오니 주의 자녀를 완전한 평강 가운데 지키시며 악한 자의 궤계로부터 그들을 보호해 주십시오. 기도하오니 어떤 해도 그들이나 가족 가운데 미치지 않게 하시고 그들의 자산에 어떠한 손실도 가해지지 않도록 하십시오. 아버지 하나님, 그들의 삶이 좋은 보상을 만들어내며, 그들이 하는 모든 것에 번성하게 하심을 인하여 감사드립니다. 예수 이름으로 그들의 손이 행한 일에 생명과 축복을 선포합니다. 아멘

스스로를 향해 이렇게 기도해 주십시오: 주의 말씀으로 인해 감사를 드립니다. 아버지 하나님, 주께서 내게 복을 주시고 주께서 하신 약속을 따라 나를 번성하게 하심을 인해 감사드립니다. 이제 겨울은 지나갔고 새로운 성장과 축복의 계절이 임한 것으로 인해 감사드립니다. 주께서 말씀하시기를 주께서 남은 백성에게 유산을 주시고, 내가 주의 포도나무의 가지로 믿음으로 있게 하심을 인해 감사드립니다. 아버지 하나님, 주께서 삶에 새로운 성장을 주시고 삶의 열매로 주를 영화롭게 있도록 하심을 감사합니다. 하나님, 당신을 송축하며, 나를 택하사 안에서, 나를 통하여 주의 약속을 이루심에 감사를 드립니다. 아멘

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The NOW WORD of GOD Psalm 20:7

The NOW WORD of GOD Psalm 20:7

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Sunday, 10 December 2017


PLEASE PRAY for the safe return of David and for the Call of God to be made manifest in David's life.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017


Acts 4:20
For we cannot, but speak of what we have seen and heard.”
NOW WORD: You are a river of living water to a dry and thirsty land. By default will you declare of what God has done in your life. This is the season of THE OPEN DOOR. An open Heaven is available for you. Get aggressively passionate for God and His presence and you will see The Lord will tear open the heavens above you and give to you an open heaven. You will speak of all He has done.
Our prayer for you is: Father God we call on You today to release an open to Your child. Give to them victory in the face of their adversity. Give to them an overcoming spirit to rise above the situations they face and give to them an awesome amazing testimony of what You have done. And what you are going to do.  Thank You Lord God that there is an open Heaven for your child and they will crush the enemy under their feet. Lord God I pray for Your child today, cause them to be passion and declare all what You have done in them and through in Jesus Name. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I come to You today and I choose to be a living testimony of all you have done in me and through. I will proclaim Your goodness and I will press into You more than ever before. I exalt You and worship You. I lay myself down before You and ask You to touch my heart and my tongue.  I will declare of all You have done and all You are going to do. I bless You for You have given to me an open door and an open heaven. AMEN.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The Lord has sent me to South Korea to prophecy to the church about HUNGER. (November 2017). 
(At the same time I was ministering, a Magnitude 5.4 earthquake struck South Korea. This is the second most powerful recorded in South Korea, struck at the shallow depth of 9km near the city of Pohang - 8 km from Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do · Nov 15, 2:29 PM. The Earthquake -…/nati…/2017/11/281_239256.html )
Get Hungry.
What are you hungry for?
The Lord will stir up a hunger inside of you.
It will be like rumblings in your very belly.
Like an earthquake from deep down inside of you.
Because people hunger for other things and do not hunger for The Lord, The Lord will cause earthquakes, floods and forms of shaking to come that will get their attention.
The challenge is, will the people of God, hunger for God or will they hunger benefits of God?
There will be a change in the church like never seen before. Hunger will hit you on a daily basis and people will cry out to The Lord to satisfy their needs.
We will see a a wave of hunger flood the earth and the church will cry out to God for another meal from The Table of The Lord.
There will be two distinct groups of people. Those who hunger and thirst for God and His righteousness, and those who hunger and thirst for other things.
Come taste and see that The Lord is good.
You will eat of His presence and say, 'I have tasted a good thing and can never be satisified with another meal.'
The Lord is going to release the pains and rumblings from the belly again and again.
If we the church do not get hungry and eat from The Table of The Lord we will see the earth will start rumbling like never seen before.
Rise up and feast in the presence of The Lord.
A series of powerful earthquakes struck the southeastern city of Pohang Wednesday, shaking many parts of the country, including Seoul nearly 300…

Sunday, 29 October 2017

The Now Word of God

Psalm 95: 6,7 ‘..let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. For He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture, the sheep under His care…’
THE NOW WORD; The Lord is your Shepherd and He will lead you and He has promised you that he will supply all your needs. Choose to submit to His will and His way in your life and He will lead you into that what is best for you. Make a decision today to submit every area of your life to Him, even when submitting hurts to do so. Speak to yourself and discipline yourself to totally follow after The Lord. Check your private life and let what you do in private be honorable to God. The Lord will delver you from all evil and your life will testify of resurrection power, provision and care.

MY PRAYER FOR YOU IS; Lord God, I call on You today to touch the heart of Your child. I pray they will kneel before You in every area of their life. Baptise them again with Your Holy Spirit today and fill them with Your anointing. Lord God, draw them deeper into Your. I pray that you will be desperate for a touch from The Lord and in Your thirst for more of God, The Lord will reveal to you, He is your faithful Shepherd and Your Maker. Amen

PLEASE PRAY THIS OVER YOURSELF; Lord God I come to You today and I choose to submit myself to You in every way. I take my private life and consecrate it holy to You. I choose to lay my thoughts down, and I choose to honor You and bring to Your Name in every season of my life. I choose to walk holy before You and thank You that you receive me as I am. I bless Your holy name and I exalt You above everything in my life and chose to meditate on only You. My life will honor You in private and in public. I will bless in every season of life and all people will know that You my God. Amen