Thursday, 9 February 2017

FEB 2017

with Mark Visser

Enroll today in this 5 week SCHOOL of PROPHECY.
The SCHOOL of the PROPHETS will sharpen your sword in hearing The Word of The Lord and impart to you radical accuracy in delivering The Word of The Lord.    
This is a 5 week Correspondence Course with personal tuition.
Subjects covered: 
 Week 1:    (+/- 6hrs)
Receiving and Delivering prophetic words.
         Sources of Communication. 
         Steps towards knowing the Voice of God. 
Week 2:    (+/- 8 hrs)
         Testing prophecy.
         False prophets.
         Strengths to be found in prophetic people.          
Week 3:    (+/- 6hrs)
         The gift of prophecy. 
         General prophecy. 
         The office of the prophet.
Week 4:    (+/- 8 hrs)
         Prophetic praise.
         Prophetic worship. 
         Prophetic dance         
Prophetic prayer.  
Week 5:
Report Back.
Personal Ministry.
Impartation and Prayer.
All assignments to be submitted 24hrs before the next weeks lesson.
 Course Cost: 
South African Rand. 2000.00  or equivalent 
A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be issued on completion of the full course.
We look forward to seeing you on the course.

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