Saturday, 29 April 2017

SCHOOL of PROPHECY with Mark Visser
Enroll today for the 5 week SCHOOL of PROPHECY.

Subjects covered: 
Week 1:    (+/- 6hrs)
1.            Receiving and Delivering prophetic words.
2.            Sources of Communication.  
3.            Steps towards knowing the Voice of God.

Week 2:    (+/- 8 hrs)
4.            Testing prophecy. 
5.            False prophets. 
6.            Strengths to be found in prophetic people.      

Week 3:    (+/- 6hrs)
7.            The gift of prophecy. 
8.            General prophecy. 
9.            The office of the prophet.

Week 4:    (+/- 8 hrs)
10.                 Prophetic praise.
11.                 Prophetic worship. 
12.                 Prophetic dance. 
13.                 Prophetic prayer. 

Week 5:    Report Back.
Personal Ministry.
Impartation and Prayer.        

All assignments to be submitted 24hrs before the next weeks lesson.

A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be issued on completion of the full course. 


WEBINAR /SKYPE DATES:  Every Tuesday in August 2018

COURSE SCHEDULE and requirements:  
1.    Course Application form is required to be filled in.
2.    +/- 28 hours written and spiritual assignments to be completed.
3.    Teaching notes and assignments will be sent out one week before each webinar.
4.    Attendance to all Webinar/ Skype calls is required.   (1 hour 30 minutes per webinar)  This can be arranged to fit into each others schedules.
5.    Written assignments to be submitted 24 hrs. before each webinar.  
6.    Spiritual assignments are to be recorded in written form or electronic recording. (not needed to be submitted.)
7.    Average length of each assignment. +/- 1hr 30 minutes for each section.
8.    Course assignments will be reviewed and questions answered during each webinar / skype sessions.
9.    Ministry will take place near the closure of each webinar. 
10.                  Course and webinar  / ZOOM.IN protocol is required at all times.
11.                  Extra reading may be required.

COURSE COST:        Suggested Cost - US$ 200.00 or South African Rand. R. 2000.00 

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