Wednesday, 15 November 2017


The Lord has sent me to South Korea to prophecy to the church about HUNGER. (November 2017). 
(At the same time I was ministering, a Magnitude 5.4 earthquake struck South Korea. This is the second most powerful recorded in South Korea, struck at the shallow depth of 9km near the city of Pohang - 8 km from Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do · Nov 15, 2:29 PM. The Earthquake -…/nati…/2017/11/281_239256.html )
Get Hungry.
What are you hungry for?
The Lord will stir up a hunger inside of you.
It will be like rumblings in your very belly.
Like an earthquake from deep down inside of you.
Because people hunger for other things and do not hunger for The Lord, The Lord will cause earthquakes, floods and forms of shaking to come that will get their attention.
The challenge is, will the people of God, hunger for God or will they hunger benefits of God?
There will be a change in the church like never seen before. Hunger will hit you on a daily basis and people will cry out to The Lord to satisfy their needs.
We will see a a wave of hunger flood the earth and the church will cry out to God for another meal from The Table of The Lord.
There will be two distinct groups of people. Those who hunger and thirst for God and His righteousness, and those who hunger and thirst for other things.
Come taste and see that The Lord is good.
You will eat of His presence and say, 'I have tasted a good thing and can never be satisified with another meal.'
The Lord is going to release the pains and rumblings from the belly again and again.
If we the church do not get hungry and eat from The Table of The Lord we will see the earth will start rumbling like never seen before.
Rise up and feast in the presence of The Lord.
A series of powerful earthquakes struck the southeastern city of Pohang Wednesday, shaking many parts of the country, including Seoul nearly 300…

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