Monday, 22 October 2018


Acts 3;19
Repent and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away, and seasons of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord.

THE NOW WORD: Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you. Humble yourself before Me and I will cause rain to fall on your ground and refresh you.  Keep your mind stayed on me keep your eyes on My Kingdom. Taste and see that I am good and I will refresh you and I will deliver you. My promise to you has not been broken and I have not neglected My covenant with you. Seek Me first and all these things will follow after you. Times of refreshing are on you now, and seasons of change are all around you. I will sustain You, bless you and I will uphold you. You will leave this winter and enter into My season of refreshing. Amen

My prayer for you is: Thank you Lord God for Your faithfulness to Your child. Thank You Father God that You deliver Your child from the cycle of drought and dryness. This is their season of refreshing and Your child is blessed now by Your word. Your Word has come to them and they are now refreshed and restored to You. I pray that as you read this the presence of God will rest on you and His anointing will touch you and deliver you and set you free. I pray that the Lord will bring His Word to pass over your life and that times of refreshing will come to you and that you grow and prosper in all areas of life. I pray that He who began a good work in you, will complete it. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I call on You today to come and touch me and bless me. Lord I pray that You reveal to me, all that is in my heart that offends You and turn my heart to You. I chose to bless Your Holy Name and honor You in all I do. I thank You, that You will save me from all temptation and bless my steps and the works of my hands. I thank You, that You will cause times of refreshing to flow to me and through me. Cause me to be a river of living water to those around me, and I pray that I will refresh others. I pray now for Divine romance to take place in my life. I pray Lord God that You will give to me an intense passion for Your Name. I truly do love Your presence and I desire to know You more and more. Amen

Monday, 15 October 2018


You can deny important issues of your faith, but if you fail to believe that all are made equal, then you must repent.  
That is a denial of the very creation of God. 
Since you are united with Christ, unite with your brother.  
Be indistinguishable in unity, but distinguished in your personal identity. This is what makes up family. 
The perfect tapestry. 

Positional we are one in Christ.  
Let us relationally be one in Christ. 

You are worth nothing more than another person, but in unity, collectively we are the most valuable.  

Thursday, 24 May 2018


Isaiah 40:18 To whom then will you compare God? Or what likeness will you compare to Him? Isaiah 40:25 To whom then will you compare Me, or am I equaled? says the Holy One. Isaiah 40:28 - 31 Have you not known? Have you not heard, that the everlasting God, Jehovah, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not grow weak nor weary? There is no searching of His understanding. He gives power to the weary; and to him with no vigor; He increases strength. Even the young shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall; but those who wait on Jehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. 
사 40:18 그런즉 너희가 하나님을 누구와 같다 하겠으며 무슨 형상을 그에게 비기겠느냐 사 40:25 거룩하신 이가 이르시되 그런즉 너희가 나를 누구에게 비교하여 나를 그와 동등하게 하겠느냐 하시니라 사 40:28-31 너는 알지 못하였느냐 듣지 못하였느냐 영원하신 하나님 여호와, 땅 끝까지 창조하신 이는 피곤하지 않으시며 곤비하지 않으시며 명철이 한이 없으시며 피곤한 자에게는 능력을 주시며 무능한 자에게는 힘을 더하시나니 소년이라도 피곤하며 곤비하며 장정이라도 넘어지며 쓰러지되 오직 여호와를 앙망하는 자는 새 힘을 얻으리니 독수리가 날개치며 올라감 같을 것이요 달음박질하여도 곤비하지 아니하겠고 걸어가도 피곤하지 아니하리로다 NOW WORD: “Nothing can compare to the goodness of God. God has positioned you for breakthrough. He has awesome ways and mighty plans that are full of GRACE just for you. Hold on, help is on the way. Never let go, keep your hope in God. Even when your hope fails you and you have no more strength, know this that HE who began a good work in you is faithful to complete until the day of Jesus Christ. The creator of the universe, the all mighty God has given to you His promise that He will never leave you and He will never forsake you. God is your great reward and God will uphold your cause. God is your breakthrough. God is your recompense and He holds your hand. God measures the waters (oceans) in the palm of His hand and God holds your hand.” 
지금 주시는 말씀: “그 어떤 것도 하나님의 선하심에 빅할 수 없습니다. 하나님께서 돌파를 얻을 수 있는 곳에 당신을 두셨습니다. 그분은 놀라운 방법들과 강력한 계획을 가지고 계십니다. 이것에는 당신을 향한 은혜가 충만합니다. 기다리십시오. 도움이 찾아오고 있습니다. 절대로 하나님 안에 있는 소망을 놓지 마시고 붙드십시오. 소망이 실패할지라도 당신은 더 많은 힘을 얻게 됩니다. 당신 안에서 선한 일을 시작하신 그분이 신실하셔서 예수 그리스도의 날에 이를 완수하심을 깨달으십시오. 온 우주의 창조주, 전능하신 하나님께서 절대로 당신을 떠나지도 않고 버리지도 않겠다는 약속을 주셨습니다. 하나님은 당신의 위대한 상급이며, 하나님께서 당신의 뜻을 붙잡아 주십니다. 하나님이 당신의 돌파이십니다. 하나님이 당신의 보상이며, 그분이 당신의 손을 붙잡으십니다. 하나님께서는 자신의 손으로 바다를 측량하시며, 당신의 손을 또한 붙잡으십니다. My prayer for you is: Lord God, according to Your Word, You are the mighty redeemer and savior. You know Your child by name. You know how many hairs are on their head. You see the mountains that seem to come crushing in. I call on You sovereign Lord God, creator of the universe and creator of Your child. Come Lord God and redeem their day. Come Lord God and save this child today. Touch their family, heal their body ad bless the works of their hands. Amen
당신을 위한 나의 기도: 주 하나님, 말씀에 당신은 강한 구속자이시며 구세주라고 하셨습니다. 당신은 이름으로 주의 자녀를 아십니다. 주께서는 머리털이 얼마인지도 다 알고 계십니다. 주님은 다가오는 산들도 보십니다. 다스리시는 주 하나님을 부릅니다. 온 우주와 주의 자녀를 창조하신 하나님께 구합니다. 주 하나님 오셔서 이들이 살아가는 날을 새롭게 하십시오. 주 하나님 오셔서 오늘 주의 자녀를 건지십시오. 그들의 가족을 만지시며, 몸을 치유하시고, 그들의 손이 행한 일에 복을 주십시오. 아멘 Please pray this prayer over yourself: Father God, I call on You today to come and touch me. Renew my mind Lord God, Give me a new heart and please restore my body. I Bless You and praise You for You are good and no one can be compared to You. Yet, You are my God. Father God I thank You that give to me strength and sustain me. You lift me up and hold me close to You. I love you and bless You and thank You for the life You have given to me. Thank You that I will rise and not fall. Thank You for Your goodness is on me and in me. Amen
스스로 이렇게 기도 하십시오: 아버지 하나님, 오늘 주를 부르니 오셔서 저를 만져 주십시오. 주 하나님 제 생각을 새롭게 하십시오. 저에게 새로운 마음을 주시고 제 몸을 회복시켜 주십시오. 주님이 선하시며 어떤 분도 주와 비교할 수 없음으로 인해 주님을 송축하며 찬양합니다. 그러나 당신은 저의 하나님이십니다. 아버지 하나님, 저에게 지탱할 수 있는 힘을 주심에 감사합니다. 저를 들어 올리시고 저를 주님 가까이 붙잡아 두십시오. 주님을 사랑하며, 소오축합니다. 그리고 제게 주신 생명으로 인해 감사를 드립니다. 내가 일어나 떨어지지 아니할 것으로 인해 감사드립니다. 내게 임한, 또 내 안에 있는 주의 선하심으로 인해 감사드립니다. 아멘

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Psalm 107:20 - 시편 107:20

Psalm 107:20 “He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” 

THE NOW WORD: God is good and His mercies endure forever. God has made a covenant with you and He sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay the ultimate sacrifice, to take away your sin, to heal all your diseases and to deliver you from destruction. The Word of God says that ‘by one offering, he has perfected forever those who are being sanctified’ (Heb.10;14). The Word of God will not fail and the Word of God cannot lie. The Lord Your God is with you and He is mighty to save and He is powerful to deliver. Rest in Him and You will see your salvation, healing and deliverance come to you. Hold fast to the confession of your faith and give thanks to the Lord for his mercies endure forever. 

My prayer for you is: Lord God almighty, creator of heaven and earth. Nothing is too difficult for You. You have declared in Your Word, when we call on You, You will answer us. I am now calling on You Lord God for a miracle. I am calling on You Lord God for deliverance and salvation. Come today Lord God and Heal You child. Show Your Mercy Lord, cover them with Your unfailing love. You have done this many times to others, and Your Word says, You are no respecter of persons. So according to Your Word I call on You for Your child – Come Lord God and Show Mercy today. We worship You Father for What You have done and for what You are going to do today in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen. 

Please pray this over yourself: Lord God I call on You today and I put my trust in You, that You will touch me, heal me and deliver me from destruction. I pray that You will teach me to walk in Your ways. Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because Your rod and Your staff they comfort me. You prepare for me a table in the midst of my enemies. I love You and I worship You. I thank You that You give to me victory in every circumstance of life. You are my mighty deliverer. Amen.

시편107:20 그가그의말씀을보내어그들을고치시고위험한지경에서지시는도다지금시는말씀하나님은 시고그의자비영원하십니다하나님은당신과 하시고 고의  가를지불하기위해당신의제거하기위해모든 치유하시고모든위험한지경에서원하시기위해예수그리스도를보내셨습니다하나님의말씀에'그가거룩하게 자들을 제사로영원히온전하게하셨느니라'(히브리서10:14) 하나님의말씀은실패하지하나님의말씀은거짓말을하실 습니다당신의주하나님은당신과함께시고구원하시기에전능하시고건지시기에 하십니다분안에서 휴식하십시오그러면구원과치유와건지심이당신에게오는 것입니다믿음고백을계속적으로하고그분의영원하신자비를사하시기 바랍니다당신을기도입니다: 하늘과 창조하신전능하신하나님당신께어려운것은아무것도습니다당신께서말씀으로 하시길리가당신을 응답하겠다하셨습니다주님지금제가당신의기적을위해당신을부릅니다주님지금제가당신의건지심과구원하심을위해당신을부릅니다주님오늘오셔서당신의자녀들을치유하여주소서당신의자비를보여주시고실패해지않는사랑으로그들을 으소서이것을이미 사람에게해오셨고당신의말씀처럼사람을 하지않으십니다당신의말씀에 당신의자녀를위해제가부르짖습니다주님오늘오셔서자비를보여주세요당신이해오신것들과오늘하고계신것들로아버지를예배합니다전능하신우리구주예수그리스도의이름으로기도합니다아멘스스로를위해기도하십시오하나님오늘당신을부르고당신을신뢰합니다당신께서저를지시고치유하시고위험한지경에서건지실것입니다당신의길로제가 어가도록저를가르치시길기도합니다제가사망의음침한 골짜기로다닐지라도해를려워하지않을것은주의지팡이와막대기가저를안위하시기때문입니다당신께서원수의전에서제게 베푸십니다주님당신을사랑하고경배합니다모든영역에서 리를주심에감사드립니다당신은저의전능하신구원자이십니다.