Monday, 5 February 2018


Psalm 16 :11 “You cause me to know the path of life; in Your presence is joyful abundance, at Your right hand there are pleasures forever.” 

THE NOW WORD: The Lord will guide you. As you desire to know more of God, He will cause you to experience joy in the valley and joy on the mountain. You will have all His benefits and you will enjoy all His pleasures. God has a mighty plan for your life and He will complete the good work that He began in you. Draw near to God, don’t wait for tomorrow. Today you can know the path of Life through Christ Jesus.
My prayer for you is: Father God, cause Your child to know the path they are on. Cause them to see the destination and not get stuck on the journey. Renew their heart today and give to them the mind of Christ. Your word says that You direct the steps of the righteous. Your child is righteous, because You have made them righteous. Come Lord God and pour out the oil of joy over them and cause Your word to come to pass over them even this day. Come Lord God and do this for Your child today. Amen

Please pray this over yourself: God my deepest desire is that my life will bring glory and honor to Your name. Teach me to know the path of Life, to come understand, to revere, to respect and have fear for who You are. The longing of my soul is to know you more and to walk my path that is directed by You. So I choose this day to submit to You in all I do, in all I think, and in all I am. Hear my prayer Lord God and I will be a living sacrifice to You. Thank You Father God that in You and through You I find joy forever more. Amen

Thursday, 1 February 2018

KING of kings and KING of thorns.

KING of kings and KING of the curse

Matthew 27;29  They twisted together a crown of thorns, put it on His head,
Revelation 14;14  the Son of Man was seated on the cloud, with a gold crown on His head.

The NOW WORD: Jesus, your King has been given two crowns. The Crown of the curse and the crown of gold.  Jesus is the King of the curse wearing a crown of thorns, and Jesus is the King of all Kings wearing the golden crown.
When the crown of thorns was placed on Jesus Head, He became the King of all who are cursed. King of the broken and tormented, King of the wicked and cursed, King of the rejected and those who are lost. Jesus Became King of the curse.
Through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension, Jesus now wears a new crown. Jesus wears the crown of Gold. The crown of The King of all kings and all who come to Him will be set free. As King of the curse who now wears a golden crown, Jesus King of Kings brings redemption to all who come to Him.
My prayer for you is: Lord God, thank You for the freedom through Jesus Christ Your Son. Lord Jesus, I call on Your Name today to reveal to Your child, they are no longer under the curse. Reveal to them Lord Jesus the beauty of the crown that You wear. Lord Jesus Christ come and touch Your child today. Your freedom from the curse is evident in their life today. You Glory and overcoming power is imparted to them today in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen
Please pray this over yourself: Father God, I come to You today and thank you Jesus that you are my King. I kneel before You and worship You. You have taken my pain and my sorrow. You have taken my guilt and shame. You have taken my curse and You have set me free.  You have given to me freedom from the curse. I kneel before You my King and I worship You for what You have done in my life and for what You are still do in my life. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen.